Hand held anchor drives
  • Digga North America - Hand held anchor drives.

Hand held anchor drives / drilling augers

Lightweight hand held drilling augers, and screw anchor drives for the installation of screw piles in confined or low access sites such as crawl spaces. The units can be powered by portable hydraulic power packs.

Over 34 years of design and development has produced the highest quality range of anchor drives and augers on the market today. Backed up with industry leading warranty and factory backup, Digga planetary drives are specially designed for foundation and screw piling as well and setting ground anchors.


  • Compact high torque Digga manufactured gearbox
  • Lightweight and compact for ease of movement
    in confined spaces
  • High efficiency Eaton/Digga geroler hydraulic motor
  • Motor mounted pressure relief valve fitted standard (HH-6K)
  • Available in single speed 6,525 ft-lbs & 10,478 ft-lbs
  • 1 year gearbox & 1year motor warranty*

MM-10K mounts available to suit stand-on Mini Machines, and Mini Excavators up to 3.5T

Specs HH-6K MM-10K
6,528 ft-lbs @ 2,100 psi 10,478 ft-lbs @ 3000 psi
Expected Torque 4,765 FT-LBs @ 2,100 PSI (73% efficiency) 8,040 FT-LBS @ 3000 PSI (77% efficiency)
Max Pressure 2100 psi @ 15 gpm 3000 psi @ 18.5 gpm
Max flow 15 gpm @ 2100 psi 18.5 gpm @ 3000 psi
Max horse power 18 33
Pressure Relief
Included N/A
Std Output Shaft 2" Hex 2.5" Hex-Short
Weight 90 lbs 138 lbs
Overall length 20" 24.1"
Diameter 9.5" 11.4"
(*) HH-6K Hand-held unit is not suitable for machine mounting. Warranty void if used on machines.
Digga North America - Hand Held Screw Anchor Drive