The Ultimate Helical Pile Measuring Solution

Digga's Torque Logic is a revolutionary torque monitoring and data logging system which will fit any type of drivehead. Where conventional hydraulic reading can be 30-50% out, our monitoring system offers true torque readings over 99% accurate.

Torque Logic can be installed by simply replacing your current pin with a new load cell. Unlike other systems, there is no loss of boom height.

More Than Just Torque 
  • 99%+ accurate torque measurement
  • Alignment indicator
  • Data logging
  • Downloadable data
  • Wired / Wireless display option
Simple Installation 
  • Calibrated pin replaces OEM hood pin
  • In-cab 7" touch screen display
  • Designed & engineered for tough conditions
Exportable data logging records 
  • Torque, pile depth, angle, date, time
  • Additional user-defined export fields
  • Optional laser range finder for automated depth measurement & recording
Digga North America - Digga Torque Logic