Developed in conjunction with the leading screw anchor / helical pile installers around the world. The only true anchor drives available, designed and manufactured inhouse by Digga, specifically for the rigours of the application. Host machine operates in the most efficient HP range, minimizing wear & tear, optimising performance, and ensuring highest returns.

  • High efficiency EATON/DIGGA bell geroler hydraulic motors with integrated Pressure Relief Valve, ensures max volumetric effeciency for consistent & efficient helical pile installation throughout the working day
  • More linear feet in the ground = greater returns
  • ECV (Energy Control Valve) to prevent rapid decompression
    of oil, caused by the reverse energy created by pile kick-back
  • Engineered hood & ears for maximum strength
  • Extreme duty shaft retaining system
  • No Case Drain required
  • 3yr Gearbox & 2yr Motor Warranty (when fitted with ECV valve)
More torque, less pressure 

Two pressure series are available to suit your requirements:

  • Standard pressure series (ADS) - Machines with 3500 PSI
  • Low Pressure series (ALS) - Machines with 3000 PSI
Digga North America - PDI-12 Auger Drive Unit

Description 9ads 12ads 9als 12als
Nominal Torque (FT LBS) 9,112 11,542 9,893 12,445
Motor Type Eaton Eaton Eaton Eaton
Max Pressure - Do Not Exceed 3500 psi @ 29 gpm 3000 psi @ 29 gpm
Max Flow - Do Not Exceed 55 gpm @1800 psi 55 gpm @1800 psi
Max Horse Power 60 60 60 60
Pressure Relief Valve Included Included Included Included
Energy Control Valve Included Included Included Included
Standard Output Shaft 2.5" Hex 2.5" Hex 2.5" Hex 2.5" Hex
Weight (lbs) 351 lbs 351 lbs 351 lbs 351 lbs
Overall length (in) 37.2" 37.2" 37.2" 37.2"
Diameter (in) 11.4" 11.4" 11.4" 11.4"