Drilling Drives for Excavators 15 ton to 30 ton

Digga's range of drilling drives for 15-30t excavators are the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. Over 30 years of design and development has produced the highest quality range of auger drives on the market today. Completely manufactured and assembled by Digga, using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control.

Fitted with a radial piston motor, an integrated pressure relief valve and input housing. The innovative design allows the gearbox to go down the hole to maximize drilling depth without extensions.

  • 2 speed drive system
  • Compact high torque Digga manufactured gearbox
  • Radial piston motor with integrated pressure relief valve (PRV), eliminating the need for bulky valve blocks
  • Reduces potential leak points
  • ECV (Energy Control relief Valve) fitted standard
  • Extreme duty shaft locking system
  • No complex hoses, valving or filtration
  • Can also be used as a screw anchor drive
  • 1yr Gearbox & 1yr Motor Warranty
Supa Drive Specifications 
Details sd45 sd50 sd70
Max Torque
(ft-lbs @ 3,500 Psi)
32,892 ft-lbs 38,569 ft-lbs 50,465 ft-lbs
Motor Type radial piston radial piston radial piston
Max pressure
( do not exceed)
3,500 psi @ 100 gpm
Max flow
( do not exceed)
100 gpm @ 3,500 psi
Max horse power
( do not exceed)
201 201 201
Pressure relief valve Included Included Included
Energy Control Vlave Included Included Included
standard output shaft 100 mm Square 100 mm Square 100 mm Square
Recommended auger rC10 / rC11 rC10 / rC11 rC10 / rC11
Max auger diameter
(clay / shale)*
60" 60" 60"
Max auger diameter (earth)* 79" 79" 79"
Weight (lbs) 1843 1843 1843
Overall length (in) 50.9" 50.9" 50.9"
Diameter (in) 23.6" 23.6" 23.6"
(*) Max/min drilling diameter (DIA) dependant on ground conditions. Guide is a recommendation only.
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