2 Speed high powered anchoring
  • High powered 2 speed Mega anchor drives - Digga North America

The fastest anchor drive head for installing anchors between 80,000-150,000lbs

Digga’s High Powered Drives operate at a MAX PRESSURE OF 5,000 PSI providing you the speed and performance without detuning your machine.

Compact, high quality Digga made gearbox

Our gears are precision machined inhouse from high grade alloy steel. The efficient, pressurized gearboxes ensure no leaks & minimal maintenance.

Built-in PRV (pressure relief valve) included

Ensures max volumetric effeciency for consistent & efficient pile installation throughout the working day.

Integrated ECV (energy control valve) included

This revolutionary bypass valve is fitted to the drive to control the rapid decompression of oil caused by pile kick-back during the screw anchoring process.

Engineered hood and ears

For maximum strength. Specifically designed for heavy duty drilling applications.

Extreme heavy duty shaft locking system

The Digga 2 piece shaft, is a separate component to the planetary carrier, isolating the planetary gears fromthe pushing, pulling & bending forces generated by the machine.

Specs MD110HPT MD160HPT MD190HPT
Max Torque (ft-lbs) 86,840 128,560 150,750
Max Speed (RPM) Low Torque 30 20 17
Max Speed (RPM) High Torque 18 12 10
Max Flow (Gpm) 100 GPM @ 3,500 PSI
Max Pressure - Do Not Exceed 5,000 PSI @70 GPM
Max Horse Power 201 201 201
Motor Type Radial Piston Radial Piston Radial Piston
Pressure Relief Valve Included Included Included
Energy Control Valve Included Included Included
Standard Output Shaft 130mm