Energy Control Valve
  • Digga North America - Energy Control Valve for drives.

Energy Control Valve (ECV) for Screw Anchor Drives

This revolutionary bypass valve is fitted to the drive to control
the rapid decompression of oil caused by pile kick-back during
the screw anchoring process.


When the anchor reaches desired torque or depth the operator stops the drive unit, at this stage the anchor has built up a rotational energy (somewhat like a rubber band on a wind-up model plane). This energy that is stored in the anchor needs to be released before the drive unit is disconnected. The ECV bypasses the stored energy allowing the anchor to “unwind” in a controlled manner. Without this valve, the pressure contained when holding the pile in place would be forced up the pile and into the drive unit resulting in potential damage & costly repairs for the motor and gearbox.

Digga North America - Energy Control Valve


  • Protects motor from rapid oil decompression
  • Easily converts your single drilling drive into a dedicated screw anchor drive

Ideal Use

  • Screw piling / anchoring

Suit Drive Types

  • ECV comes standard on all Digga anchor drives for helical pile and screw anchoring applications. NOT available for retrofit on 2 speed drilling drives.

Digga North America - Energy Control Valve