Inline Pressure Relief Valve
  • Digga North America - Inline Pressure Relief Valve Drive Accessory.

Relief Protection for Hydraulic Drives

Digga's Inline Pressure Relief Valve can be used in conjunction with Digga's Differential Pressure Gauge to obtain accurate torque measurements, whilst controlling the torque the drive unit is capable of transmitting through the pile.

The Differential Pressure Gauge displays the hydraulic pressure being applied through the drive unit, which can then be reference back to a torque chart to give a theroretical torque measurement.

The Digga Torque Logic monitoring system will provide accurate torque readings of over 99% accuracy. This system also has the ability to be able to data log the results of each pile installation.

Digga North America - Torque Monitoring Options

Adjust Hydraulic Pressure

Adjust pressure to your drive unit independently from the parent machine. This allows for maximum torque adjustment of the drive unit and ensures that screw anchors are not subjected to excessive torque resulting in damage or destruction of the screw anchor.

Plug & Play System

Pressure gauges are mounted to the valve to monitor pressure. Use on its own, or with your existing drive unit ECV. The Inline Relief Valve should also be mounted as close as is possible to the drive unit.