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The Future of Drilling is here: Digga HALO

2022 - October 28.

After it’s success in Australia and the Europe, the latest in drilling innovation is set to hit dealers across the USA in September 2022 .

Digga has been at the forefront of innovation and development of machinery attachments for over 40 years. 2020 saw the introduction of the newest advancement in the technology in drilling, the HALO Alignment System to Australian customers with European customers coming on board in 2021. Now, Digga is expanding this technology to the American market and has started production on US soil with the first units expected for release on 1 September 2022.

HALO is a vertical alignment system that utilises a patented LED light system on auger and anchor unit drives. Developed and tested over 4 years against the rigorous demands of the industry, Digga has engineered a product as tough as the job. The system utilises a microprocessor and 6 sensors to provide accurate readings to +/- .25 degrees, even under heavy vibration. The alignment system is built into the hood of the drive unit, providing 360 degrees of visibility to the operator from inside the machine cab any time of the day including in bright daylight.

Digga HALO is made up of three standard components: the light ring, a sensor, and a cable set, which is easily set-up and connected to the in-cab cigarette lighter. An additional option for power supply is a magnetic battery pack, which can simply be attached to the machine’s boom or fed back to the cab with an extended cable.

HALO alignment systems offer operators many great time and money saving advantages including:

  • Say goodbye to guess work and do-overs, HALO ensures holes are drilled plumb, reducing the number of in-hole angle adjustments which can create an oversized hole. This in turn reduces the amount of concrete required to fill the hole. In-hole adjustments can also cause sideload on the Auger Bit and Auger Drive, potentially causing damage and expensive repairs.
  • Increased on site safety, operators’ eyes can stay on the drive, eliminating the need for a spotter with spirit level and unnecessary labour costs (HALO does not have holidays or take sick leave).
  • More affordable alignment system than traditional more costly in-cab displays
  • Set the desired angle for drilling with a click of a button; allowing for consistency of drilling and peace of mind. Perfect for retaining walls and off-set piers designed at specific angles.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what customers had to say;

“After using HALO you will never want to use your old auger drive again. Would be lost without the halo, I would dig over a couple of thousand holes a year and this has sped up time and production.”

“Having participated in the Halo by Digga trial, I have nothing but praise for a unique and professional addition to the Digga PD3 auger drive. It is one of the best innovations to be released to assist the operator in drilling accurate plumb pier holes. it only adds 30 seconds to setup time, the LED lights are always in vision of the operator making positional corrections simple and fast. The rechargeable battery comfortably lasts for a full day. Basically using an oldie but goodie, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Congratulations Digga on a brilliant idea and I have no doubt it will be very successful addition to Digga's already outstanding range of attachments”

“I work a lot on retaining walls doing big jobs and it just turns out millimetre perfect. The main benefit I get out of it, is that it takes away the need to use another operator guiding me through the holes. This really saves me a lot of labour costs.”

Digga USA will be releasing the HALO Alignment System across the full range of Digga PD drives. Register your interest now with your local Digga dealer.

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