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drilling mounts for mini machines

Digga's Mini Drilling Extensions effectively increase your reach for added drilling depth. The drilling mount for mini machines lets you use standadrd size 4in augers and gives you excellent visibility to the hole being dug. American manufactured by Digga, using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control.

Increased reach & more drilling depth

Reach tough to get to areas without the use of conventional auger extensions and benefit from greater auger ground clearance to aid with machine maneuverability.

Greater drilling visibility

Our frame's unique design gives the operator greater range and visibility, making it easier to use than conventional auger extensions.

Use standard size augers

When using Digga's drilling extension mount, you can still use 4" standard sized augers.

Increase drilling depth even further

Depending on your machine, you can combine your Digga extension mount with auger extensions to gain even more drilling depth.

Tailored mount designs

Digga's extension mounts for mini machines are custom built to fit your secific machine.

Use on drives up to 3,200 ft-lbs

Engineered for drives up to 3,200 Ft-lbs including Digga's auger drive range up to 3.2T.

American made quality

Quality products are manufactured in-house by Digga in America. We use only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control.

Features & benefits

  • Increased reach and more drilling depth
  • Greater drilling visibility
  • Lets you use standard 4" augers
  • Lets you combine with auger extensions to further increase drilling depth
  • Tailored mount designs to suit your mini machine
  • Quality made in USA