Ryno piling hitch
  • Digga North America - Ryno piling hitch mount.

Ryno cradle hitch

Developed for faster connection to the auger or pile, the Ryno Cradle Hitch has been designed to handle the torsional loads of anchors and screw piling.

The Ryno Hitch front cradle allows the operator to angle the drive up to 90 degrees for easy connection to augers or anchors while a rear cradle stops the auger drive or anchor from swinging about whilst manoeuvring over uneven terrain.


  • 3 cradle positions
  • Premium grade steel
  • Extra heavy duty, fully engineered design
  • Compact and faster connection to the auger or pile
  • Safer - No more standing piles or large augers with persons or machinery to connect your drive

Ideal Use & Drive Suitability

  • Augering, screw anchoring, piling, foundation drilling
  • Suits Premium, Supa, Mega, Ultra & Xtreme Drives (5,000 ft lbs - 375,000 ft lbs)
Digga North America - Ryno Heavy Duty (Piling) Hitch

3 Cradle Positions

Drilling Process With A Ryno Hitch (click thumbnails)